Results of research project "PROMONA" now public

Together with researchers from the Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy (ATB), the Leibniz Institute of Plasma Science and Technology (INP) and Walter Ger├Ątebau, Silicann Systems has now published the research results of the project "Networking of bio-efficient physical detection and processing modules for sustainable cleaning and disinfection in the food production chain (PROMONA)".

In automated food processing, in-process hygiene plays a very essential role in achieving high product safety. Currently, a lot of disinfectants are used for this purpose in order to minimize the germ load of surfaces.

The research project investigated whether plasma-processed water (PPW) can be an environmentally friendly alternative to the use of disinfectants. For quantitative evaluation, contaminated surfaces were tested before and after treatment using optical sensors designed by Silicann Systems. The result of the study was that plasma-processed water can achieve equivalent disinfection performance in a significantly shorter exposure time compared to disinfectants.

The publication on the research project can be found under the title "Optimized cleaning of conveyor belts using plasma-processed water assisted by optical detection of food residues" in the journal "Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies".