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Silicann Systems GmbH - Color 4.0

Continuous performance gains in automatic assembly settings make ever higher output per minute possible. From pizzas over car parts, textiles, medicine to cosmetics and diapers - virtually every sector of the manufacturing industry is affected.

At the same time, controlling of different production stages, qualities and charges has to take place immediately. These settings call for color sensors allowing for very rapid validation of product qualities directly at the assembly line. This is where we come into play.

To meet the needs of the industry, we developed a color sensor line that delivers both the performance and precision demands of modern automatic assembly lines while at the same time integrating a full Linux based operating system to connect the sensors with both established low level and upcoming fully networked interfaces.

This architecture enables you to make necessary sensor configuration changes related to e.g. batch changes directly with your computer, tablet or smartphone, minimizing downtime and staff training. Through integrating sensor configuration presets with your process control system, you can ensure process reliability and make informed, data-based decisions. The architecture also enables you to integrate qualitative monitoring of e.g. discolorations, elutions or blunting taking place during production processes into your IT infrastructure, making high level insights possible.

With CFO, state of the art color sensor technology has arrived in today's factories and is fully prepared for the requirements of tomorrow. From filling detergent bottles to recognizing color or material qualities in food packaging, Silicann color sensors are paving the way for the reliable and interconnected factories of Industry 4.0.

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