Perceptive color sensor PCS-B/-B-F

A compact color sensor for perception-conformable industrial color detection

PCS-B is an attractive entry-level variant of the well-known perception-conformable color sensors by Silicann Systems. PCS-B is mostly compatible with the successful variant PCS-I. The sensor is available both as an optical fiber variant or with built-in optics.

Besondere Merkmale

  • Peceptive color processing
  • Internally works within L*A*B* color space
  • Available as optical fiber variant or with built-in optics
  • 3 colors teachable
  • 5 tolerance levels configurable via keypad
  • Overscanning indicator, automatic signal leveling via key press

Technische Daten

  • Color processing in L*A*B* space
  • 12 bit signal processing
  • intuitive 4 button controls
  • up to 10kHz sampling rate
  • Color resolution ΔE(LAB) ≤ 1

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