Perceptive color sensor PCS-III

Dual channel color sensor for detecting colors like a human eye

Controls, handling and functionality of the PCS-III color sensor are very similar to those of PCS-I and PCS-II. The defining difference is the range of possible modes of operation.

In reference mode one color sensor input is used for getting a stable reference color (e.g. white). The second input is the working channel, directed at the objects that have to be tested. Reference mode allows for continuous color correction and thus ensures long-term stable color detection. This is why PCS-III color sensors are popular choices for situations in need of long-term color detection or color detection in environments with changing temperatures.

When configuring difference mode, color differences of the color impressions at both sensor inputs are detected. In this mode of operation, the color table contains color differences, not absolute color values. Difference mode is ideal for applications where color or contrast edges have to be detected for many different object colors.

Technical Specifications

  • 2 Optical fiber inputs
  • 7 Color channels
  • Teach-in using the keypad (possible with and without software)
  • Perceptive color processing
  • Configurable illumination intensity and sensitivity
  • Signal balancing and operation indicators
  • USB and RS232 interfaces, automatic signal balancing at the push of a button
  • Sampling frequency up to 15 kHz
  • 8 switching outputs
  • Highest precision

Application Scenarios

  • High end color sensor for peception-conformable industrial color detection, with two identical optical fiber inputs
  • Until now the only available color sensor with the option to operate in difference mode
  • Highest precision
  • For fast, highly precise and/or hard to solve applications meeting the industry's high demands
  • Maximum flexibility through Software configurations and compatibility with most optical fibers available
  • Continuous correction of color values
  • Precise results in varying environmental temperatures

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