The new Blickwerk 20 color sensor - out now

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This advanced color sensor sports a doubled sampling rate of 10 kHz, a higher number of color groups for more complex color detection tasks, more than doubled the trigger outputs to 8 and quadruples the trigger inputs. But this new high tech color sensor provides even more new features. Still employing the perceptive color processing technology that allows for simple euclidian calculation of color distances, this sensor is capable of detecting color distances of as low as ΔΕ = 0.3, significantly surpassing the capabilities of the human eye. Optical inspection tasks get solved with highest reliability and ensure frictionless process monitoring. The additional USB port guarantees the integratability of this sensor should technical conditions change in the future. It additionally allows for customer specific extensions while still sporting the RS232 and ethernet interfaces of its predecessor.

From color management to network configuration everything can be configured directly on the sensor.

Highest precision - now even faster!

Let yourself get convinced how easy seamless integrations into you IP network can be - configuring, controlling and event logging is fully possible without additional software. The webserver running directly on the sensor makes this color sensor completely operating system and hardware platform independent.

Get more information about Blickwerk color sensors here.

All technical details are also available for download:

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