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Silicann Systems creates high quality photometric, spectral and color sensor products. The combined competence in electronic engineering, industrial sensor manufacturing, equipment engineering and experience in a wide range of markets and applications distinguish the Silicann team. A complete vertical software development stack from bare metal optical signals up to apps or web-based interfaces for all platforms round out the expertise Silicann can bring to its customers.

Silicann Systems is standing for a symbiosis of research, development and production of sensoric devices with strong customer value. The company is developing color sensors for more than twelve years and counting.

Silicann News

PCA, PCR, PLS: Calibration Methods in NIR Spectroscopy

NIR spectra very rarely have clearly distinguishable peaks that correlate unambiguously with the composition of a sample. However, thanks to chemometric methods such as PCA, PCR and PLS, clear signals can also be extracted in the NIR range.

Avoiding scattering errors in NIR spectroscopy

Scattering effects can significantly complicate the evaluation of NIR spectra. Preprocessing steps such as MSC or SNV help here.