PCA, PCR, PLS: Calibration Methods in NIR Spectroscopy

NIR spectra very rarely have clearly distinguishable peaks that correlate unambiguously with the composition of a sample. However, thanks to chemometric methods such as PCA, PCR and PLS, clear signals can also be extracted in the NIR range.

Avoiding scattering errors in NIR spectroscopy

Scattering effects can significantly complicate the evaluation of NIR spectra. Preprocessing steps such as MSC or SNV help here.

Amber autofluorescence under black light

365 nm or 395 nm - which wavelength is better to identify amber?

5G radiation

What's the matter with concerns about 5G radiation? How does it compare to other radiation sources?

Rainbow colors

Which colors are in the rainbow - and why can we see them?

Metamerism - The Color Phenomenon Explained

Why metamerism exists and how Isaac Newton accidently discovered it over 300 years ago.

The new Blickwerk 20 color sensor - out now

Intelligent technology making your work easier

Exhibition: Sensor & Test 2017

Test the new Blickwerk color sensors from Mai 30. until 1. in N├╝rnberg, Germany

Consequently minted for quality

Deployment of Silicann color sensor PCS-II in the coin inspection machine SIF2500